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Products Intrinsically Safe Power Supplies » 9492-PS-PLUS


Certified: ATEX / IECEx approvals

The 9492-PS-PLUS is part of CSL’s range of next generation power supplies, providing an increased temperature range and output current.

The 9492-PS-PLUS power supply is the preferred method for supplying the 9460-ET series of intrinsically safe Ethernet modules and RugiCAM-IP, and is based on an  isolating power supply. It takes a 24V DC safe area / Zone 2 supply and produces an intrinsically safe, 12V DC nominal output capable of powering the Ethernet modules mounted in a Zone 1 hazardous area. The 9492-PS-PLUS may be mounted in a safe area or Zone 2 hazardous area.

The output can be from either the Ex ia IIB or Ex ib IIB output connectors depending upon application. The ‘ib’ IIB output providing a higher usable output power where the Gas Group and Zone allows.



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