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Hazardous Area Fuses

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The CSL ExFuse series is a range of encapsulated fuses for use in Intrinsically Safe Apparatus for Hazardous Areas where there is a risk of explosion of gas and/or dust.

CSL ExFuse Series of Values Available:

Rated Current Voltage Drop @ 1.0 x In (max) mV Melting Integral I²t 10 x In (min) A²Sec
63mA 400 0.02
125mA 260 0.066
160mA 200 0.14
200mA 170 0.2
250mA 150 0.28
315mA 140 0.36
400mA 130 0.9
500mA 125 1.3
630mA 120 2.5
800mA 110 3.8
1.00A 110 5.5
1.25A 95 9
1.60A 95 14


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