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IS Radio Control System

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Intrinsically Safe Radio Control System

The system features Bi-Directional Radio, with backup wire-bound handsets that as well as giving the operator total flexibility of machine control and the (optional) display version also enables them to access important operational information such as cutting speeds, boom heights, motor temperatures, outbye conveyor status etc. whilst still maintaining a safe distance from the operational machine.

The Radio Handsets integral Li-ion battery is charged in the Safe Area using the 7.5V Charger Unit , or Charging/Diagnostic Station connected to the handsets antenna socket, the handset’s internal charging and protection circuitry allow fully automatic charging.

The handsets are designed and certified to meet the ATEX Directive (94/9/EC) and relevant IECEx requirements. They are for use in a Hazardous Area and may remain energised when an explosive atmosphere is present.

The handsets are available in five versions:

  • Radio Handset
  • Radio Handset with built-in AMOLED Display
  • Wirebound Handset
  • Display Navigation Handsets
  • Mouse Handsets




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