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IS Electronic Flowmeter

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Intrinsically Safe Electronic Flowmeter

CSL aided in the design and development of the Conflow Code 5050A Electronic Flowmeter. The Flowmeter is manufactured by CSL and supplied to Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Ltd group who in turn sell the Flowmeters around the world.

The Electronic Flowmeter gives a linear electrical signal corresponding to the volume rate of flow of fluid in the pipeline or system.

The moving magnet causes a Hall Effect Diode to produce a signal dependent on the strength of the magnetic flux around it. In this way the flow of fluid through the meter is transduced to a directly proportional electronic signal.

The unit incorporates an on board LCD display showing rate, pressure and temperature.

The transducer is also compatible with a wide range of instruments, data loggers, display devices and outstations to provide remote display of fluid flow, fluid temperature and totalisation of flow with respect to time.


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