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RugiCAM-IP LED Units

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Certification: Intrinsically Safe ‘Ex ia’ Group I Mining M1 and Group IIB ATEX and IECEx Certified for Gas and Dust.

A range of RugiCAM-IP LED Units are available to use in conjunction with the RugiCAM-IP Camera.

LED Units Available

Part Number Description
9457-IR-AA IR LED Unit - Aluminium Enclosure
9457-WH-AA White LED Unit - Aluminium Enclosure
9457-GR-AA Green LED Unit - Aluminium Enclosure
9457--RD-AA Red LED Unit - Aluminium Enclosure
9457-IR-CS  IR LED Unit - Steel Enclosure
9457-WH-CS  White LED Unit - Steel Enclosure 
9457-GR-CS  Green LED Unit - Steel Enclosure
9457-RD-CS  Red LED Unit - Steel Enclosure 
9457-IR-SS  IR LED Unit - Stainless Steel Enclosure 
9457-WH-SS  White LED Unit - Stainless Steel Enclosure
9457-GR-SS  Green LED Unit - Stainless Steel Enclosure
9457-RD-SS  Red LED Unit - Stainless Steel Enclosure


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