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RugiCAM IS CCTV System

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The CSL RugiCAM is an Intrinsically Safe (IS) Camera and LCD monitoring system. It is designed and manufactured for use in harsh mining and tunnelling environments, including Hazardous Areas such as underground coal mines.

Application - Mining and Tunnelling - Road Headers, Continuous Miners, Locomotives…..

It features advanced technology that provides quality full colour video pictures from one or two miniature cameras, these can be switched manually or automatically (e.g:- when vehicle is reversing). Each camera is connected to the main LCD display unit with a single cable that powers the camera from the display end and returns the video signal back to the display screen

Ideal for applications needing a compact size in harsh environments, e.g:- In mining and tunnelling when fitted to Free Steered Vehicles (FSVs) gives the driver better visibility of what were previously blind spots both in front and at the rear of the vehicle, especially when large loads are being transported, enhancing the heath and safety of the workforce.


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