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9466 Ethernet Switch

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Certified for: Ga Ex ia IIC T4 GD (surface), Ma Ex ia I M1 (mining)

The 9466-ET 10/100Mbps, Layer 2, Ethernet switch allows the interconnection of CSL 9400-ET series networking modules via its 5 ports. It also enables an Ethernet network to cover a greater distance using either Cat5e cable or fibre-optic for longer spans. This capability is due to the low latency 'store and forward' mechanism integral to the switch, which ensures that the stringent timing associated with Ethernet is maintained.

With the 9466-ET switch each connection is effectively a 'point-to-point' network segment unlike the older generation hubs that were simple 'dumb' repeaters. The old hubs needed to impose a limit on overall network length to ensure proper collision detection; this limit is overcome by the 9466-ET. Broadcast “storm” protection is also provided to eliminate network overload due to excessive 'broadcast' & 'multicast' packets.

The 9466-ET switch can also distribute power to compatible devices connected to each of its five ports via the RJ45 Cat5e cables (PoEx). This method eliminates the separate power supply cable to the device simplifying installation and maintenance.

The 9466-ET is designed for hazardous-area mounting inside a suitable enclosure with Intrinsically Safe Zone 1, ATEX and IECEx certification and Division 1 FM USA and Canada approvals. The ATEX and IECEx approvals cover both surface industry and mining applications.


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