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9465 Media Converter

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Certified for: Ga Ex ia IIC T4 GD (surface), Ma Ex ia I M1 (mining)

The 9465-ET 10/100Mbps Copper to Fibre Optic Media Converter allows an Ethernet network to be extended over a greater distance. A multi-mode fibre optic link may be up to 2km in length when running at 100Mbps and due to the use of 1300nm optics an extended distance of 5km is achievable at 10Mbps. Longer distances are achievable with single mode fibre.

Longer distances are obtained by simply connecting a 9466 (10/100Mbps Ethernet Switch) between two 9465 media converters, effectively giving a 'repeater' function (This also provides 3x UTP ports available for local network connectivity), this can be repeated as required.

The use of fibre optics gives exceptional immunity to noise and electrical interference, it is also used when connecting a Hazardous Area network to a Zone 2 / Safe Area network or device.

The 9465-ET is designed for hazardous-area mounting inside a suitable enclosure with Intrinsically Safe Zone 1, ATEX and IECEx certification and Division 1 FM USA and Canada approvals. The ATEX and IECEx approvals cover both surface industry and mining applications.


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