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9461 Ethernet Gateway

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Certified for: Ga Ex ia IIC T4 GD (surface), Ma Ex ia I M1 (mining)

The 9461-ET Ethernet Gateway gives existing Intrinsically Safe equipment “Ethernet connectivity” by allowing conventional serial communication port equipment to be connected to an Ethernet network.

Two 9-way D-type serial ports are provided which are RS232/TTL compatible. In addition, the module’s front panel screw terminals (T6 - T15) provide two RS485/RS422, 2 or 4-wire ports, giving a total of four serial ports. All ports can operate at speeds up to 115K2baud.

Various protocols are available (eg: Serial Modbus, Modbus/TCP, Ethernet IP etc) in addition to Serial Tunnelling.

The 9461-ET is designed for hazardous-area mounting inside a suitable enclosure with Intrinsically Safe Zone 1, ATEX and IECEx certification and Division 1 FM USA and Canada approvals. The ATEX and IECEx approvals cover both surface industry and mining application.


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